Working Groups

Many businesses, professionals and volunteers have come together to help reduce poverty in Saint John. These individuals give generously of their time and resources to research, plan and develop the means for Saint John to help every child succeed.

BCAPI extends its heartfelt thanks to the current volunteers and all others who have volunteered in the past.

BCAPI Working Groups

Education to Employment Working Group

The Education to Employment Working Group examines the ways to address the barriers, experienced by “at risk” teens and young adults, to staying in school, achieving a high school diploma, and accessing post-secondary education.

Housing Working Group

The Housing Working Group focuses on the development of a housing strategy for Saint John that will revitalize of inner city neighbourhoods, and provide safe and affordable housing for all.

Single Parent Family Working Group

The Single Parent Family Working Group is the primary driver of the recommendations from two Poverty Studies conducted in 2000 and 2010, by Deloitte, which have provided BCAPI with a comprehensive understanding of the prevalence of poverty in Saint John and the roadmap to break the poverty cycle. The group unites the activities of the business community to:

  • Help children who live in poverty to succeed in school and break the poverty cycle;
  • Enhance youth programs that prevent teen pregnancy, improve well-being and motivate school completion;
  • Develop services and supports that enable teen parents to continue their education;
  • Help single parents to get into the workforce and off social assistance.

Social Innovation/Entrepreneurship Committee 

The Social Innovation/Entrepreneurship Committee addresses ways for BCAPI to help build a culture of social innovation/entrepreneurship in Saint John

For more information on any of BCAPI’s working groups, please Email us.