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Saint John Poverty Reduction Strategy

New Brunswick Poverty Reduction Plan

Saint John Poverty and Plenty Report (2005)

Saint John Poverty and Plenty II Report (2008)

Visit the Saint John Human Development Council’s website for current community publications and reports that relate to poverty in Saint John and New Brunswick


Links to other recent reports reviewed by BCAPI:

Report Cards on Child and Family Poverty in Canada (2010 & 2011), Campaign 2000

The Cost of Poverty in New Brunswick (2011), Centre for Policy Alternatives

The Early Years Study 3  (2011) – Hon. Margaret Norrie McCain, J. Fraser Mustard, Kerry McCuaig - The Early Years Study 3 documents the social, economic and scientific rationale for increased investments in early childhood education. It also introduces the Early Childhood Education Report to monitor the funding, policy, access and quality of early education program.

The Dollars and Sense of Solving Poverty (2011), National Council on Welfare

UNICEF’s Report Card on Poverty in Rich Nations (2012)