Goals & Priorities

Goals (2010 – 2015)

  • Enable children who live in poverty to succeed in school and break the poverty cycle.
  • Reduce the incidence of teenage pregnancy by enhancing youth programs that prevent pregnancy and improve well-being.
  • Develop services that enable young parents to continue their education and achieve adequate incomes.
  • Help single parents get into the workforce and off social assistance.
  • Help ‘at risk’ teens and young adults complete their high school education, be ready for post-secondary pursuits and the workforce.
  • Promote solutions to the lack of adequate and affordable housing in Saint John, the need for mixed income neighbourhoods, and the regeneration of priority neighbourhoods.
  • Help others understand poverty, how it can be reduced and prevented, what is working in Saint John, and BCAPI’s ‘catalyst’ role.
  • Facilitate a community-led and comprehensive approach to poverty reduction that involves all sectors of the community.
  • Foster the continued growth of BCAPI.

Poverty Reduction Priorities

  • Early Learning Centres for low-income neighbourhoods.
  • PALS (Partners Assisting Local Schools) and Community Schools in priority neighbourhoods.
  • Quality, accessible after school programs for children and youth.
  • Improved Education & Employment pathways for ‘at risk’ teens and young adults.
  • First Steps – a comprehensive program for young moms and their babies.
  • Addition of 100 affordable housing units, annually.
  • Revitalization of low income neighbourhoods.
  • NB Poverty Reduction Plan.

10 Year Poverty Reduction Trend